Breast Lumpectomy: What you should know?

Breast lumpectomy is surgical treatment provided to breast cancer by removing the cancer cells from the breast. Like mastectomy, lumpectomy is also one of the surgeries done for breast cancer. But, unlike mastectomy, a lumpectomy doesn’t change the shape, size and the angle of the breast by removing the partial or complete breast. A lumpectomy removes only the tumour and a small rim of normal tissue around the breast by leaving out the most of the breast skin and tissue in place.
This lumpectomy is generally called as breast-conserving surgery or wide local excision as it removes only a portion of the breast and lives out most of the breast area.

Why is it done?

The main intention behind performing Lumpectomy is that it removes cancer effectively without harming or changing the look and feel of the breast and maintains the condition as same as it was before the surgery.
It also allows the doctor to perform a therapy to prevent cancer from returning. It is also used to remove some particular noncancerous or precancerous cells in the breast in the early stage of breast cancer.

Who can get this lumpectomy surgery ?

Lumpectomy is the first treatment option opted by many women and suggested by the doctor to those women who are in the early stage of breast cancer. Followed by radiation therapy to the breast to reduce the chances of returning of cancer, lumpectomy surgery is performed.

To whom this surgery is suggested?

Lumpectomy is suggested to the people with below conditions:

  • Cancer is in the early stage and small compared to your breast size.
  • It is in a proper or suitable position in your breast to perform the operation.
  • It is only in one area and has not spread to other parts of your breast.