Although there are many causes of Male Infertility, Varicocele is the most common. A clinically significant varicocele can be identified is nearly 40 % of the man with primary Infertility and up to 80% of men with secondary infertility.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that the type of underwear has no significant effect on sperm counts, Motility or Pregnancy rates.

Prepubertal mumps doesn’t affect the testes. Of the disease that occurs postpubertally (after the age of 11 – 12 ), Unilateral mumps orchitis may develop in 30 % and bilateral orchitis in 10%. The testicular damage may be severe and result in testicular atrophy

Fibroids rarely are the sole cause of infertility. They are more commonly associated with difficult implantation of fertilized eggs and re-current spontaneous miscarriages. Leiomyomata can also be caused Infertility by obstructing the patency of fallopian tubes .

The ability of an Ovary to respond to the stimulation during Ovulation induction or IN VITRO FERTILIZATION.

Type of Ovarian failureNormal and no response to FSH therapyMenstrual CycleFertility
Occult InsufficiencyNormal and no response to FSH therapyNormalReduced
Overt Primary Ovarian InsufficiencyHighAbnormalReduced
Premature Ovarian FailureHighAbsentZero