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Couples who are trying to conceive should have some basic knowledge on the whole process of ovulation and fertilization. It’s also important to put some effort in understanding in nutritional requirement during the period. Here we are discussing some basic knowledge and tips on the ovulation and associated processes

Understanding the menstrual cycle

The regular menstrual cycle represents the opportunity for pregnancy. Menstrual cycle completes in 28 days in a month. During the cycle, on the first half of the cycle, the uterine cavity thickens and prepares to receive the fertilized egg. The ovulation process happens somewhere between the 12th and 16th day of the cycle. During the ovulation the ovaries release egg and travels to the fallopian tube. The sperm travels to the fallopian tube and fertilize the egg to form an embryo. The embryo is then nourished and transported from the fallopian tube and is released to the uterus. The embryo then gets implanted in the uterine cavity and gets enough nourishment and adequate environment that facilitates the growth of the embryo. If there is no sperm for fertilization then the unfertilized egg shed with the uterine lining during menstruation and leave the body.

Healthy lifestyle

Environment and genetic factors are also related to fertility. Maintain a healthy diet and have regular exercise to improve the overall health condition and increase the productivity of the couple. Overweight, hormonal imbalance and autoimmune diseases can affect the fertility and decrease the chances to conceive.

Safe sex

If any of the partners have the pelvic inflammatory disease or conditions like HPV, it’s important to treat them before planning to conceive.


Fertility of a woman decreases as her age increases. The eggs released during her twenties and thirties are normal and have high chances of being fertilized. This chance is reduced when she enters 40 or above as the eggs released may be weak or with abnormalities.

Taking supplements

It’s recommended to take adequate supplements including folic acids and vitamins to increase the chances for conceiving and to have healthy babies.


Stress can affect the ovulation process. So it’s important to be stress-free if you are planning to conceive. Here we have discussed some basic knowledge on things that should be considered when planning to become parents. If all the conditions are maintained and still finding it difficult to conceive then consult an infertility specialist as soon as possible. At hedge fertility, we have a team of well-experienced infertility specialists and well equipped and modern facilities to treat all causes for infertility.

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