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Sperm Freezing

Sperm or Semen freezing is a preservation procedure of sperms. This process is also known as sperm banking. Sperms that are freeze can be later thawed and used in Infertility treatment by assisted reproductive technology. Sperm freezing technology is generally used for patients who undergo cancer treatment including the chemotherapy or radiotherapy, vasectomy, certain types of pelvic surgery. Some high-risk careers like army or sports also demands requiring getting their sperms frozen.

Hegde Fertility specialists perform sperm freezing from fresh batch of semen collected from the patients. The sperms are then analyzed for count, size, shape and motility. After analysis, best quality sperms are concentrated and a cryoprotectant is added to the sperms and stored in vials. Cryoprotectant is a substance that protects the sperms from any during the freezing period. These vials are then frozen to -196ocin liquid nitrogen tanks. During freezing process all biological activities are temporary stopped and can be stored for 10 years without any damage. When the patients are ready for the infertility treatment the frozen sperms are thawed and used for treatments like IUI, IVF, and ICSI treatments.

Oocyte Freezing

Oocyte is the developed embryo. After fertilization of the egg and sperm an embryo is formed.  Oocyte freezing is a technique used to preserve the eggs. This method is usually followed for patients who are in early menopause. With increase in age of the woman the number of eggs produced will also be less. Age also affects the quality of egg produced. In such cases, oocyte freezing is a technique used to retrieve best quality egg from the patient and fertilize with partners sperm and the resulting embryo is freeze till use. When the patient is ready to conceive, the infertility specialist thaws and uses her own frozen eggs for IVF/ICSI-ET.

Woman also opts for oocyte freezing if there are under cancer treatment. The radiation and chemotherapy may affect the ovaries and damage the existing eggs. In such cases, the egg freezing technique prevents harmful effects of cancer meditations and treatments and can conceive when the patient has fully recovered from the diseased condition. If a woman doesn’t want to freeze embryo after an IVF cycle, she can always opt for egg freezing after discussing with the infertility specialist at hegde fertility.

Freezing eggs is a tough procedure. The egg formed inside the fallopian tube contains lots of water. During the freezing process the water contained inside the egg may crystallize and cause damage to the DNA. At Hegde Fertility, our infertility specialists adopts a new technique known as ultra-rapid method or vitrification. In this process the eggs are cooled from 37oC to -196o C for very few seconds. This prevents the crystallization of water inside the egg. These procedures play an important role in fertility preservation.

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