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Sperm freezing also known as Semen freezing is a process in which sperms are collected and preserved for use in future. These freeze sperm can be used in future for various IVF treatments. Sperm freezing method is usually recommended for men who have following issues:

  • Patients who are under cancer treatment including radiation and chemotherapy
  • Who require testicular surgery
  • High risk careers like sports and army
  • Diabetes at early ages
  • Defects in spinal cord
  • vasectomy

Sperm Freezing Procedure

Before taking samples for sperm freezing various tests are conducted to figure out medical conditions like HIV or hepatitis B and C. after the tests a fresh batch of semen is collected from the patient. The sperms are then washed to remove any other components to get a concentrated solution of active and motile sperm. The sperms are then checked for their size, shape and chromosome behavior. A cryoprotectant is added to the concentrated solution of sperms to prevent any damage during the freezing period.

The sample is then stored in vials, labeled with date and owner details and placed in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of ‒196°C. At this temperature range all biological and biochemical processes are stopped. Sperms are usually stored for a minimum of 10 years in the sperm bank. The frozen sperms are thawed and used for Infertility treatment when required by the patient.

Advantages of Sperm Freezing

This method of sperm freezing is beneficial for patients who are undergoing cancer treatment. During the cancer treatment, radiation and various meditation used may cause damage to reproductive tissues that leads to infertility. In such cases sperm freezing is an option to use them in future. There is no difference in any of the factors of the sperm. The babies born by fertilizing an egg with a frozen sperm are as normal as with a non frozen sperm.

Uses of Sperm Freezing

This method of sperm freezing enables the couple to prepare to conceive according to their convenience. The female partner is tested to decide if she is still fertility. Later the sperms are thawed and used in various IVF treatments. The sperms are inserted into the uterus to fertilize with the egg and the process is known as intrauterine insemination (IUI). If the thawed sperm is of poor quality or less in number then in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) are recommended by the infertility specialist at hegde fertility centre.

This process involves stimulating the ovaries by introducing ovulation stimulating meditations and then retrieving several eggs at a time. Then under adequate hormone environment, each egg is injected with a sperm for fertilization of the egg in the fertility lab. If the sperm is of good health and all other conditions supplement the process fertilization occurs and embryo is formed. This embryo is then transferred and gets implanted in the uterine cavity.

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