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Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis is a part of the Infertility Treatment process. This diagnosis is performed to investigate any genetic defects in the embryos before implantation of the embryo into the uterus. This procedure helps in identification of any genetic disorders or chromosomal abnormalities in the fertilized egg. This procedure is followed in our Hegde Hospital lab to ensure that healthy embryos are transferred during the IVF treatment. It’s known as 70 % of the naturally conceived or IVF generated embryos degenerate due to chromosomal abnormalities. This risk is eliminated by following the Pre implantation genetic diagnosis.

Pre implantation genetic diagnosis is recommended for patients with following medical history:

  • Both or single partners have single gene mutations
  • Having chromosome rearrangement that leads to abnormal egg or sperm production
  • High maternal age
  • Recurring miscarriage
  • Continuous implantation failure

preimplantation genetic diagnosis

Pre Implantation Genetic Diagnosis Procedure

Pre implantation genetic diagnosis process is part of the infertility treatment. During the IVF treatment, the egg and the sperm is retrieved fertilized under adequate nutrient supply. This process results in the formation of an embryo. A few cells are taken from the developing embryo for diagnosis. This is accomplished in two methods as discussed below:

  • Advanced Embryo Selection (Array Cgh): this process is carried out by screening the complete set of chromosomes in an embryo to aid the process of selection and transfer of healthy and viable embryos.
  • Karyomapping: this procedure is performed when the couples are carriers of a single gene disorder. In Karyomapping procedure, the chromosomes are examined to find any abnormalities. The procedure helps to identify the embryos that are not affected by the disorder, thus prevents the condition to transfer to the next generation.

Benefits of Pre Implantation Genetic Diagnosis

  • Pre Implantation Genetic Diagnosis helps to figure out over 100 genetic disorders
  • The diagnosis is carried out before the implantation of the fertilized embryo thereby reducing the chances for genetic disorders in the developing fetus.
  • Any chances for abnormalities are eliminated by this process

Risks of PGD

There are few risks associated with the process. They are discussed below:

  • The PGD procedure helps in eliminating the chances for abnormalities in the fertilized embryo. But in some cases further investigation are required to identify any chromosomal dislocation to make sure no disorders are present in the embryo before transfer to the womb.
  • Pre-implantation genetic analysis does not replace the prenatal testing.

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis allows the infertility specialist at our hegde hospital to biopsy the in vitro fertilized embryos and examine for chromosomal abnormality. The recent development in genetic diagnosis stated that the pre implantation procedure increases the success of IVF treatment thereby increasing the chances of Delivery a healthy baby. Out infertility specialist makes this process a part of the IVF treatment to have the best results.

Hope you got required information about the Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. If you want to know more, consult our Infertility specialist right away. You can find the cost for pre implantation genetic diagnosis treatment cost by contacting us. Book an Appointment now!