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Tuberculosis is an infection that affects the lungs. This infection can spread to other parts of the body through blood. When the infection reaches the genital tract it is known as genital tuberculosis or pelvic tuberculosis.  Genital tuberculosis if left untreated can lead to Infertility. There are no symptoms for the pelvic tuberculosis and remain silent for years. They may be diagnosed when treating for infertility. Approximately 10% of infertile women have a history of pelvic tuberculosis infection.

Pelvic tuberculosis to be suspected if you have following symptoms:

  • Irregular menstrual periods
  • Pain in the pelvic area
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Bleeding from vagina after intercourse
  • Severe Pain while having intercourse
  • Not able to conceive (infertility)

Tuberculosis and Fertility:

Ally Tuberculosis in reproductive system is generally affected to the fallopian tubes. In such cases the fallopian tubes are inflated and known as tuberculous salpingitis. It occurs in almost 75% of the cases of genital tuberculosis and accounted for almost 30% of infertility cases. If the tuberculosis infection can be detected at early stages, then with appropriate treatment and meditations, damage occurred to the uterus, ovaries and tubes can be reduced. But when left untreated or remains unknown for a long period of time then it may lead to severe inflammation and scarring of the reproductive organs resulting in infertility.

Treatment for pelvic tuberculosis is the eradication of the infection from the reproductive organs. This is achieved by means of meditations that stop the spread of infection to other organs. In rare cases pelvic surgery are recommended for the removal of infections. The best method is anti bacterial treatment to remove the infection of the pelvic region and to restore the fertility to do the process of fertilization and to have a successful pregnancy.

The main purpose of the anti bacterial treatment is to ensure the complete cure of the infection, prevent any reoccurrence and spread of the infection and to prevent the appearance of drug resistance in the patient. For achieving this, long term meditations are administered to the patients for recovering completely from the infection. Mainly oral medications are administered to the patient.

The antibiotics used for eliminating the infection from the body include isoniazid, rifampicin, para-amino-salicylic acid (PAS) and streptomycin derivatives. Patients are required to take these meditations without fail for several months to completely eradication the infection from the body.

In vitro fertilization or IVF is the best option for infertility for patients who are suffering from pelvic tuberculosis. In IVF treatment the ovaries are stimulated to produce eggs and these eggs are retrieved using various techniques from the fallopian tube. The contained egg is then introduced to sperm to occur the fertilization process. The in vitro fertilized embryo is then transferred and implanted into the uterine cavity of the patients under adequate growth conditions required for the embryo.

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