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Hello Mam, We would like to thank Dr.Vandana and her team for their excellent support & Care . We received good consultation and good treatment timely to have our son. The surgery and post delivery treatment was excellent .The staying after surgery was made comfortable and all our queries were answered or attended kindly. The staff were very helpful.

Regards - Stephen / Sherly

Hello Mam, I would like to thank Dr. Vandana for her excellent support and service throughout the treatment.This feedback I am giving here is only about hospital delivery staff and their services. I have been very pleased to get very clean and hygienic and friendly atmosphere at this hospital. Even staff here has been co-operative through out the treatment .Room Service, cleanliness, blood tests also have been very easy and less painful for us .I would say that near Hitech city this is the best hospital. We thank you very much . A separate feed back .I will be sending to for treatment and services we received from Dr.Vandana Hegde .


Regards - Rajesh Sinha /Awantika Sinha

Hello Dr, We would like to thank Dr.Vandana for her excellent treatment. We are very happy for visiting this hospital


Regards - Uma /Srinivas

Hello Mam,

I came to know about HEGDE Hospital through the internet. Then i came here with lots of hope to have a baby. I met Dr. Vandana Hegde she is very much polite and takes care of her patient. I faced lots of problems when I met the other doctors but Dr. Vandana gave me hope yes now I am pregnant with a healthy baby.
Thank you Dr.Vandana a lot.

Thanks & Regards - Indrani/Palash Mukherjee

I am glad that I have visited this hospital. First of all, I would like to thank Dr. Vandana Mam for the treatment and support. Before visiting Hegde Hospital i have undergone various treatments but there was no result. Once again thank you for studying my case thoroughly and suggesting me the correct treatment. Because of you today I am enjoying the happiest moment of my life. I would like to thank the staff for their support and care.
Wish you all the Best
Thank you.

Regards - Keerthi & Rama Krishna

Hello Mam,
When I came to Hyderabad I heard lots of positive things about the HEGDE Hospital. Before conceiving I was faced lots of the problem in conceiving but when I have visited HEGDE HOSPITAL and met with Dr. Vandana Hegde then she gave me a new hope for conceiving a baby. All the doctor’s teams and staffs are very supportive.
Thanks to Dr. Vandana now, I am the 7th month pregnant.

Thanks & Regards - Shruthi

I am happily enjoying my motherhood after my treatment here. I am very glad I come to know about wonderful treatment and delivery I am now a proud and a very happy mom. The staff is very friendly with the patient. I get full trust on the doctor and staff that I decided to get my delivery done here and nowhere else. Before the treatment, during and after delivery are great. Love the way Dr.Vandana responded to my each and every question anytime of the day, even on calls. Thank you so much for all the help wish you all the best.

Thanks & Regards - Deepthi / Akella

Respected Madam,

I am very happy and feeling proud that I had taken the treatment for my wife from Dr.Vandana Hegde. I hope you will continue this service in the near future for the public.

Thanks & Regards - Madhusmitha & Pnabir Nayak

I am very happy to write this review that before visiting this hospital I had undergone maternity treatment in various reputed hospitals in Hyderabad. But it was not satisfactory. Later we consulted one family doctor name Dr. Ananda Kumar ( Gastroenterologist ) consultant doctor at the sunshine hospital who referred as to consult Dr. Vandana Hegde ( Hegde Hospital).

From the first day we stepped into this hospital and consult Dr. Vandana we felt very happy and believed that we will have a positive result and we are very much thankful to Dr. Vandana Hegde and their staff. Finally, I am enjoying motherhood because of Dr. Vandan Hegde. They all treated me very well. We wish all the staff and Doctor all the best.

Thanks & Regards - Mr. & Mrs. Tirupathi Rao

Hello Dr.,

The doctor’s diagnosis and treatment helped us to understand and progress on the aspects we were looking for the expertise of the doctor are very helpful. The reception & nurses during the treatment were nice and available at nights which is also a good thing for working people.

They can improve in the area of managing appointments when many people come at once. This will reduce the waiting time for many people.

Payment can also be made with the credit card in the late night hours.

Thanks & Regards - Hegde Hospital, Madhapur

Hello Mam,

The doctor’s treatment is very good. I had visited too many hospitals but no success was achieved in previous hospitals but after consulting Dr. Vandana Mam and under her treatment my wife got pregnant. The treatment cost was very reasonable and helpful. Dr. suggested us to avoid our tears & told us with patience & gave us very nice suggestions. In the hospital, the staff has a friendly nature. Nurses and receptionists are talkative and very nice and available at any time.

In this hospital, a small problem is also taken care by everyone. I have not seen any other hospital better than this hospital.

I am very thankful to the doctor and staff for my treatment.

Thanks & Regards - Priyanka & Ravi Kumar

I Ratna Komali patient of Dr. Vandana, I have a great experience as a patient where I have gone through many hospitals to conceive. But there were no results. To my knowledge here is Hegde Hospital is the best hospital to conceive. So I thank Dr. Vandana Madam. I even suggest other patients visit this hospital.

Thanks & Regards - Ratna Komali

We had already taken treatment from so many hospitals but no result lastly we came to Hegde Hospital under Dr. Vandana Mam we had a treatment and in first cycle only our dream come true of having a baby. We are thankful to this hospital doctor, staff, for providing us with good services.

Thanks & Regards - Adilakshmi/ Rama Rao

Respected Madam,

Namaste, We came to you by the reference of our friends we tried infertility treatment in many places but ended up with failure and variation. After your treatment, we are becoming parents and this we feel like a great achievement for our trials.

We liked the ambiance and of your hospital and the staff is very co-operative and friendly. In each and every step of your treatment, we could feel your companion towards your profession and your dedicated services should spread throughout Hyderabad and Hegde Hospital should become the best of others.

We extend our heartful gratitude to you and your entire team. We feel happy and proud to refer your name to childless couples among our friends and relatives.

Thanks & Regards - Chandrakala / Ratnaiah

I am very happy to take treatment in Hegde Hospital, Dr. Vandana guided me & treated me with very commitment.

I took the right decision to come here for treatment. My family very happy with Doctor & Hospital. I strongly suggest to my friends to come here & solve their problems.

We always remember this hospital & Vandana Madam.

The staff of this hospital is very helpful & cooperative I am very happy about those facilities, also fine to use.

Thanks for Supporting

Thanks & Regards - Sasi Keerthi

Respected Vandana Mam,

At the outset thank you god for showing the double line in the HCG test. We are actually from Kerala and because we didn’t get pregnant of our 8th month we started doubting and we came to Hegde Hospital, Madhapur. The main advantage what we felt is that the timing of the consultation is very useful, Initiate consulted Dr. Vandana Madam even at 9.30 pm in the evening and Sundays also. The treatment’s comparatively cheap as well. The main point is that Dr. Vandana Hegde is very felt positive and she gives the confidence to us. Our Problem is that actually my wife LH is little hit on the higher side i.e. starting stage of PCOS. Now after 6 months of treatment my wife got pregnant. Here I would like to say a big thank you to Hegde Hospital be courtesy to Dr. Vandana Hegde.

Thanks & Regards - Anusha / Chiku Joseph

Dear Dr. Vandana,

It’s been a year we are consulting you, we are very much thankful to you for all the support and guidance are given.

We will be happier when a healthy baby is born.

Thanks & Regards - Divya & Pratap

We were married in 2005 and had a baby boy in January 2007. Unfortunately, the boy could not survive due to some problems at the time of birth. Since then we have visited the number of hospitals and prayed so many gods.

At last, in January 2014 we visited Dr. Vandana Hegde at Malakpet. It was our last hope and we requested Dr. Vandana to directly go for IVF treatment. On examining our reports, Dr. Vandana assured us and suggested we go for IUI for 2-3 cycles and immediately started treatment. During our 1st IUI treatment itself by Dr. Vandana, my wife got conceived. And now my wife is running the 4th month and she is keeping healthy.

Thanks a million to Dr. Vandana.

Thanks & Regards - Surendar / Sangeetha

Dear Dr.Vandana Madam,
I Swathi Chowdary want to share my happiness with everyone. I m glad to say that Dr.Vandana madam had filled our lives with happiness.she have guided us and given us strength and hope at every level. I only say that the doctor had done the miracle with her hands and today I am conceived.we are very happy with the staff of the hospital as well. I once again thank doctor heartly and pray that the hospital should be leading in the city.

Thanks & regards - Swathi Chowdary

Dear Hegde hospital staff,
I had taken treatment for my wife to get pregnant. At that time, we were treated very well and my wife conceived and her pregnancy had gone without struggles. You are serving very good to the public and I hope that you please continue this service in future also. Good service for the public from your hospital.

Thanks & regards - Sameer Kumar / Mansi

Dear Doctor,

I am very thankful for making me Conceived.
As we struggling from a couple of years, with your moral support and guidance and timely medication today am very happy to say that I conceived.
We Especially thanks for the entire hospital team for the support……

Thanks - Vinoda Yathish

Dear Dr. Vandana Madam,
First of all, let me express my heartfelt thanks to you for understanding my problem thoroughly and given a hope of becoming a mother. For 5 years I have been waiting to become a mother and to have my baby in my hands. I tried everywhere, after coming to you and under your treatment I got pregnant and I am blessed with a child.

Thanks - T. Aruna Rama Krishna

Dear Vandana and the team,

I am really thankful to you for helping me to feel the joy of a mother. It was really a good experience to be treated and be successful. Vandana madam and the whole team were ever ready to help at any time that was needed. Complete care is taken of the issue and thoroughly examined until the result is a success. The doctor is very supportive and comforting to me that I felt like discussing each and every minute thing with her. She always listens to me very attentively and I believe each patient is given a very good attention by the team. I am happy that I was with you for a new happy world.

Thanks - Ramya

Hello Ma’am,

Good evening and thank you very much for everything you have done, the care you have given and the soft rapport you have with your patients. Initially, we have consulted a gynecologist for secondary infertility (married life of 4 years) and she diagnosed me as having PCOD. Even though I am a doctor, we aren’t able to believe that (bcoz the symptoms aren’t correlating), and diagnose the exact reason for my infertility. I consulted you mam in October 2012, and IUI was done. In the first cycle itself, I conceived successfully and now in 5th month of pregnancy without any complications. once again thank you, mam, for the care you have given, and actually, I am a big fan of you for the way you behave with your patients (especially after seeing your fellow gynecologists, sorry to say this)

Thank you Ma’m - M Dr.Padmini.B

Hi Mam,

I am very happy with Dr. Vandana Hegde because she always told me that I will conceive naturally without any treatment and finally as she said, I got a natural pregnancy. I am waiting for my happiest moments now.

Thanks & Regards - P.V.S Kumari

I thank Dr.vandana ma’am for making our dream come true, of infertility as we were trying in every way to succeed but it has made easier and better in hedge hospital and I also suggest my friends and relations to move and get treated at HEGDE hospital I once thank you and your hospital.

so we got the best results

This is Santosh and Gauthami

This is Markesh peter here firstly I will say to u from bottom of my heart because of your guidance we got our first child. The journey of our conception it one of best care results we got Proper guidance proper medicines in time take care nicely.

With Regards - Markesh peter

This is Srinivas from Moosarambagh Hyd, we felt very happy with your treatment and care. I don’t have any complaints to share with you, except one, your present time is more required in Moosarambagh branch. Madam, i think you are aware of my wife(Kiranmayee) case, now we are very happy with twins(Boy & Girl).
I really thank you

Regards - Sreenivas

We are very happy to achieve the same under your guidance.
The day we have started the treatment, we are tensed. As the days prolonging we are getting confidence under your treatment and the personal support that you have provided to us.
There are no side effects and babies (male & Female) are healthy and active. Once again thank you for the same.

I am also referring to my friends about my experience who are facing the problems as such.

Regards - Rajesh/Vani

It would be an immense pleasure for me to share my experience with Hegde hospital. At every juncture in the treatment, I was detailed with the required information regarding the undergoing treatment. Mrs. Dr. Vandana had clarified all my doubts whenever I was skeptical about the treatment. She had guided me during every phase of the treatment from IUIs to IVF.

Dr.Vandana and hospital staff had helped me a lot when I faced certain issues during IVF conception. The patient concerns were well addressed by the team. I am more delighted for the guidance and valuable treatment given by the doctors (Mrs. Dr. Vijaya, Mrs. Dr. Vandana, Mrs. Dr. Vrinda) from conception to delivery by which I am enjoying my motherhood today.

I hope the HEGDE Hospital reaches new heights in the field of infertility and would be very happy to hear many success stories like mine.

Thanks and Regards - Suhasini