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Ovulation induction refers to the process in which medications are provided to stimulate the follicles to produce multiple eggs in one cycle. This method of induction helps in controlling the time of release of the egg from the ovary. This increases the chance for the fertilization of the egg through timed intercourse or artificial insemination.

The ovulation induction procedure at hedge fertility is performed by following steps:

  • Assessment – The fertility specialist study the ovulation cycle to understand the nature of the cycle including the irregularity of the cycle if any, development of the follicle, release of egg, the size of released egg and the strength of the uterus. Various blood tests are also performed to consider the hormone levels during the stages of the ovulation cycle.
  • Stimulation – Medications are provided to stimulate the follicles to release multiple eggs to increase the chance for fertilization of the egg. The medications are discussed and finalized depending on the health condition of the patients. Fertility treatment with medication normally begins with a drug like clomiphene citrate, which is taken orally. For women who don’t respond to this line of treatment, it is supplemented with an ovulation injection of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), which leads to the healthy development of the egg.
  • Monitoring – After providing the oral or injecting hormonal medications, the Ovulation Cycle is monitored by conducting various blood tests and ultrasound scan to evaluate the hormone levels and to induce the environment that helps the growth of the follicle. This also prevents from having multiple pregnancies. The ultrasound sonograms are done on consecutive days under the meticulous observation of the Infertility Specialist. This helps them to understand the growth and development of the follicles (fluid filled sacs in which egg develop). At the time of ovulation, there is a LH (luteinizing hormone) rush in the body. In ovulation induction, this LH surge is mimicked with the help of an HCG hormone injection for ovulation. Ovulation occurs approximately 36 to 38 hours after the injection.
  • Timed intercourse – The fertility specialist calculate the best day for timed intercourse depending on the data collected from various test. This increases the chances for getting pregnant. The couple is advised to have intercourse approximately 36 hours after the injection of HCG. In short, the intercourse is expected to happen at the time of ovulation. So the sperms are available to fertilize the egg when the ovulation takes place.

Suitable for

Ovulation induction is suitable for women who do not ovulate or have less amounts of hormones that are required during the time of ovulation. Those patients may have normal follicles, but not suitable environment for the fertilization of the egg. Through medications such complications can be overcome and create a setting with adequate hormone levels to fertilize the egg and the sperm.

Pregnancy Success Rates

Success rates depend on various factors like the age of the female, the medications given, presence of other Infertility factors in the couple. Our infertility specialist provides the best treatment options to reach the Pregnancy goal.

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