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Natural cycle IVF also known as natural IVF treatments are available in Hegde Fertility and are described as a natural Infertility Treatment in which the process of ovulation is left to happen naturally. In this treatment, no ovulation medications are used. Typically, a woman produces one egg during the normal menstrual cycle. This method of treatment allows collecting the egg that is released and matured within the fallopian tube. Later the fertilized egg or embryo is placed inside the uterus.

Many women who have normal menstrual cycle and ovulation are still not able to get pregnant. The natural cycle IVF if the best option for them in which the naturally produced egg are collected. This method uses less meditation and can conserve healthy matured eggs from the patient. Hedge fertility has outstanding profile history in treating patients with such medical records with natural IVF.

Natural Cycle IVF

Suitable for:

Natural cycle IVF is suitable for all women who have normal menstrual and ovulation process. It is recommended for patients who are:

  • Not responding or allergic to fertility meditation.
  • Older women’s
  • Patients with severe medical conditions like cancer.
  • Suffering from PCOS
  • Having high levels of FSH


In this method of IVF treatment, the patient menstrual cycle is observed. Normally one single egg is released during the ovulation cycle. The infertility specialist conducts regular sonographs and blood tests to observe the growth release of the mature egg, the egg size and the level of hormones during the process. During the time of LH rush that is at the time of release of the egg, the egg is retrieved using the same procedure of the conventional IVF. This obtained healthy egg is now fertilized using the partner’s sperm at the hedge fertility lab. The fertilized egg or embryo is then transferred into the uterus.


The main advantages of the natural cycle IVF is discussed below:

  1. Less meditation: this process involves minimal meditation as compared to other fertility treatment. There is no use of ovulation stimulation meditations used as the egg is obtained from the naturally occurring process.
  2. Low stress levels:  the risk of OHSS is reduced and no hormone meditations are needed.
  3. Cost effective: as meditations used are less, its cost effective method of IVF.
  4. No multiple pregnancies:  the risk of multiple pregnancies is eliminated as only one egg is released and fertilized and implanted in the uterus.

Even though there are many advantages for natural IVF treatment, there are chances that some may not get the expected result. This can be due to no release of egg, LH surge, or no fertilization of the contained egg. However, the chances of getting pregnant are increased after conducting one or two natural cycle IVF.

The risks associated with this IVF procedure in Hegde Fertility are definitely less as the process of ovulation is allowed to happen naturally without any medical intervention. The natural cycle IVF is the solution to your hesitations for Conventional IVF. Call us to discuss your chances and the cost of IVF treatment!