• Medication onset of puberty, past history of mumps, Orchitis , Sexually transmitted diseases, Cystic Fibrosis , Anosmia etc.
  • Surgical – Maldescendent testes, hernia repair Varicocele
  • Family History- genetic disorders
  • Medications-including anabolic steroids
  • Occupation exposure to excessive heat, chemicals, excessive physical activity
  • Abuse – Alcohol , Smoking ,drugs etc.

A thorough gynecologist and general examination is required at the first visit and should be done by best Gynaecologist in Kondapur, Hyderabad.


Conventional semen analysis, with all its credibly, does not answer the most important question whether the sperm will be able to reach and penetrate the ovum? Normal Semen Parameters (WHO 2009)


Volume 1.5 ml
Sperm Concentration >15 million / ml
Sperm motility >40%
Sperm Morphology >4% normal forms
Leucocyte density <1 million /ml

Sperms are of two types: those which swim and those which do not . Those sperms which move forward fast are able to swim upto egg and fertilize it. The others are of little use. According to WHO , motility is graded from a to d.

Grade A – Fast Progressive
Grade B – Slow Progressive
Grade C – Non Progressive
Grade D – Immotile

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