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Established in the year 1977 at Malakpet, Hyderabad, Hegde Hospital is one of the leading Maternity care centers delivering a wide range of Obstetrics, Gynecological, Surgical, Laparoscopic and Pediatric services. Since the day of commencement we have strived with great success in providing the highest standards of care and hospitality towards patients while keeping with the latest in Medical Advancement.

In August 2011 the - Fertility Care Center Division of Hegde Hospital was established in Madhapur, Hyderabad as a branch out to its maternity care center in Malakpet. Our foray into the field of assisted conception is intended to provide the patients an option of obtaining 24/7 care from highly experienced doctors with reputations to match the expectations of patients from all strata of the society. Hegde Hospital boasts of state of the art facilities for maternity care & infertility treatment services to ensure the availability of the latest in technology to our patients.

Hegde Fertility Clinic & Ivf Centre has made a niche for itself within the medical fraternity by following some deep seated ideals of nurturing bonds with patients and specifically avoiding a milieu of corporate culture to seep within a family run business. The true testament to the success of our model are the number of referrals that we receive through our patients and also referred cases from other hospitals and doctors.

The Hegde Hospital Group is headed by Dr. Vijaya Hegde. The Maternity division is lead by Dr Vrinda Hegde and the Infertility Care Center is lead by Dr Vandana Hegde. The same quality of Infertility and Maternity care are available in both branches so that patients coming from both parts of the city can avail the facilities

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It includes picking up woman’s eggs, and fertilizing them outside the body using husband's sperms.



The probability of pregnancy in any given month is assumed to be approx. 25% and includes the ability of conceiving..



In normal conception, millions or more sperms are required for fertilizing one egg. In Intracytoplasmic...



It’s a safe and simple treatment modality, which effectively overcomes the natural barriers holding sperms...