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In Vitro maturation also known as IVM is the recent advancement technique used in Hegde infertility center. This treatment procedure is almost similar to that of the conventional IVF. The only difference in the procedure is in the proclaiming of the eggs from the patient.

In IVM treatment method, the eggs are contained in the immature stage and brought to maturity at the hedge fertility lab. In IVF treatment the patient is administrated with ovulation-stimulating medicines and injection to release the mature egg. These ovarian stimulating meditation are avoided in In-Vitro Maturation (IVM) process and the immature eggs are collected from the fallopian tube and matured at the fertility center at appropriate conditions.

IVM is advised by the infertility specialist under the following conditions:

  1. Women with PCOS
  2. Women aged under 35  with a normal menstrual cycle
  3. Patients with other medical conditions that are unable to tolerate hyperstimulation of ovaries
  4. For preserving immature eggs which were removed during IVF procedures.

IVM Procedure at hegde infertility

In the in Vitro maturation process, the eggs are collected at an immature stage with the assistance of ultrasound sonographies. This technique eliminates the meditations for ovulation stimulation and other injections associated with the process. Once the eggs are collected they are placed in a culture media with adequate hormone levels that assist in the maturation of the egg. This may take up to 24-48 hours. When the egg is matured they are introduced to the sperm obtained from the partner for fertilization. This is done by injecting the sperm into the mature egg known as ICSI. Once the embryo develops they are transferred into the uterus following the conventional IVF method.

Advantages of IVM treatment

When considering the IVF treatment, ovulation stimulating meditations are administered this can cause ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in the patients. This risk is eliminated in the In Vitro maturation procedure as no meditations are used. The IVM infertility treatment is cost effective as the cost of the stimulating medications is avoided. This method also eliminates the requirement of continuous scan and test during the ovulation process and its duration is also less when compared to conventional IVF.

Some of the risk factor that is associated with IVM treatment is that there are chances that no fertilization can be performed. This is because only a few eggs are collected during the process and in case if they are not healthy enough to mature it will result in no fertilization.

The pregnancy success rates with IVM procedure in Hegde Fertility, are similar to those with the conventional IVF. The babies delivered by the in vitro maturation technique are healthy as after a conventional IVF.

Hedge Fertility’s has a team of experts in In Vitro Maturation (IVM) and provides complete assistance to individualize the treatment according to the needs of the patient. If you have any queries as you read this article In Vitro Maturation (IVM), or want to know the infertility treatment cost, please contact us for a consult.