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IMSI treatment in Hegde Fertility is a short name for Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection. This procedure is used in both IVF and IVM treatments. In this procedure, the sperms are selected using a highly magnifying microscope in the practice of IMSI in Hegde Fertility.

In conventional ICSI process in Hegde Fertility, sperms are magnified 200 times, allowing the embryologist to study the motility and the head of the sperm. This helps in the selection of the most competent sperm to inject into the egg.

IMSI procedure is performed before the injection of sperm into the egg for fertilization. This process is performed using an inverted microscope that provides greater magnifying power as compared to the common microscope used in laboratories. This magnificent image gives the embryologists detailed information of the specimen sperm head and can discard unhealthy sperms. This selection of the best sperm from the specimen helps the chance for fertilization and decrease the case for miscarriage after implantation of the embryo into the uterus. The sperms with good shape and size signify better genetic quality. Using the IMSI method in the selection of sperms has increased the success rate by 30 to 60% in pregnancy success. Hedge fertility has well equipped sophisticated equipment to carry out all procedure precisely and the experts of infertility specialist perform the procedure with utmost accuracy.

In the IMSI method of selection, the inverted microscope provides 7200 times more magnified image of the sperm. This is more compared to the ICSI machine.

IMSI Treatment is usually recommended for patients who have:

  1. Severe male infertility
  2. Low sperm count
  3. Low motility of the sperms
  4. Abnormality in shape and size of the sperms
  5. Increased levels of DNA fragmentation
  6. History of recurrent miscarriages in the partner
  7. Failure of multiple ICSI procedures
  8. Poor quality of embryos
  9. Unexplained infertility

This method of selection is not suitable for patients with very low sperm count as there should be enough sperms to start with.

Procedure for IMSI at Hedge Fertility Centre

The patient is requested to produce a fresh sample of semen. The semen is then washed to remove all other components and to collect a concentrated collection of sperms. The sperms are examined under an inverted the microscope and viewed magnified 7200 time their normal size. With this method, several defects of sperm can be identified which was not possible with the conventional ICSI machine microscope. Now the infertility specialists in Dilsukhnagar examine the head of the sperm in detail, and the sperm with a better morphology (shape and size) and motility are selected for fertilization. After selecting the sperm, the standard procedure of IVF treatment is performed in Hegde Fertility, and the sperm head is injected into the egg cytoplasm for fertilization.

As IMSI selection procedure provides the best quality sperms, IMSI leads to increased egg fertilization rates which results in healthier embryos formation and thereby increase chances of pregnancy. Want to know more about IMSI??  Contact us for knowing the details on IMSI treatment and infertility treatment cost.