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A Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) is a new technique of freezing a fertilized egg. This method is used when eggs are received from previous IVF treatment and then fertilized by fusing with partners sperm and the fertilized egg is freeze under optimum conditions for use in future. The fertilized egg that has begun cell division is then transferred into the uterus. The main advantage of frozen embryo transfer is that the patient does not have to undergo the infertility treatments including hormone stimulations and associated meditations.
The embryo freezing technique is recommended during the IVF treatment. This is to preserve the obtained eggs from the treatment and to implant only single embryo in the uterus. This prevents the occurrence of multiple pregnancies after the treatment. Our infertility specialist follows the procedure to transfer the embryo and freeze them at our hegde fertility centre. This facilitates them to use the preserved embryo if the treatment was unsuccessful. In cases when the patients do not get pregnant after one cycle of IVF treatment, then they do not have to undergo the whole process again. Our infertility specialist uses the preserved frozen embryo and implants in the patients uterus. This frozen embryo transfer method eliminates the requirement for undergoing the IVF treatment again.
The success rate with frozen embryo transfer depends on the patient’s age. This is because with increase in the time of freeze the development of the frozen embryo reduces. Once frozen the embryo stops aging. Women who are aged 37 and below will have a success rate of 50% after the frozen embryo transfer.
Frozen embryo transfer procedure
Infertility specialist in dilsukhnagar obtain the egg and fertilize them and preserve the embryos and freeze them until Day 2 to Day. Later these blastocysts are thin wrapped using plastic wraps and sealed. These packets are then labeled with the details of the patient and placed in a container filled with liquid nitrogen with a temperature at -196 degree Celsius until required.
Advantages of Frozen Embryo transfer
Some of the advantaged of frozen embryo transfer are as mentioned below:

  1. Less meditation: In this process, there is no need of meditation as there is no need for egg retrieval. The only meditations administered are the estrogen and progesterone that is required to thicken the lining around the uterus in order to facilitate the implantation of the transferred embryo.
  2. No stress: patients who have undergone this procedure from hegde fertility tells their experience on the procedure as stress free as there is no requirement to undergo the complete IVF treatment to get the egg for further treatment cycle. This is achieved by eliminating process such as stimulation response, egg development, and embryo growth. Patients also have the option to perform the treatment accordingly to their convenience as the frozen embryo can be stored till required.
  3. Less expensive: In this procedure, there is no need to follow a complete infertility cycle as the fertilized egg is readily available and this result to reduced infertility treatment cost in Hegde Fertility. It is less expensive than the fresh embryo transfer cycle.
  4. Freezing Embryos for Fertility Preservation: if one of the partners gets ill during the Infertility treatment, then frozen embryo is the best option to be adopted for future pregnancy attempts.

If you are interested in taking up the procedure, schedule an appointment with our best Infertility specialist and discuss your options for healthy parenthood and check the IVF cost in India!!!