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Fertility preservation is the procedure used to preserve the reproductive tissues for patients who are undergoing medical treatments. This method of preservation is mostly recommended for patients who are under treatment for cancer and other serious health hazards. In these cases, the patient’s reproductive tissues are collected and preserved for use in future. The collected specimen can be used for in vitro fertilization or intrauterine insemination.

Fertility preservation procedure includes the collection and preservation of reproductive tissues such as semen, oocytes, and embryos. They are frozen at temperatures lesser than 350 degrees and stored in special tanks at the infertility labs of Hegde fertility center. When the patient is ready to undergo the Infertility treatments, the Gynaecologist in Hegde Fertility uses the preserved tissues to progress with the IVF.

fertility preservation

Cancer and Infertility treatment

Cancer treatments include various procedures like chemotherapy and radiation treatments for the elimination of cancer cells from the body. These methods can cause adverse effects to reproductive tissues and the overall health condition of the patients. They can cause damage to the healthy cells like sperm and ovarian follicle and may result in flawed reproduction function and fertility. This can be caused by the following factors of the cancer treatment:

  • Type and dosage of drugs
  • Type and area of cancer growth
  • Patient’s age and sex
  • Patient’s medical history

In women under the age of 35, after the cancer treatment, the effects of drugs and radiation can cause infertility or irregular menstrual cycle. Also in some cases, the patients may experience early Menopause, which lowers the chances for women to become pregnant. In the case of men, the cancer treatment may affect the capability to produce sperm resulting in infertility.
For children who have diagnosed with cancer and undergone treatment may also have some adverse effect in the future. This may result in irregular menstrual cycles or low potential to produce healthy sperms

Fertility Preservation treatment

The fertility preservation treatment performed in Hegde Fertility, IVF Centers in Hyderabad, include cryopreservation of ovarian tissue, eggs, sperm and embryos after in-vitro fertilization and protecting ovaries through GnRH agonists.

Semen Cryopreservation

For men who are diagnosed with cancer can take up fertility preservation to collect the semen and freeze them an optimum condition for future use. For boys who are in early stages of pubescent, the sperm can be collected from the testicles through needle aspiration and freeze and store.

Cryopreservation of Ovarian Tissue

In women, the eggs are collected from the fallopian tubes through the small surgical procedure. The retrieved egg is then fused with the partner’s sperm and allowed for fertilization. The fertilized embryo is then freeze and stored in the Hegde fertility. The embryo is frozen under required temperature conditions and later thawed and implanted when the patients is ready to have the embryo implanted in the uterine cavity for maturation.

If you are planning for fertility preservation, talk to our Best Gynecologist to determine your chances and choose the appropriate treatment option to ensure success. Contact us for details on fertility preservation cost in India.  Book an appointment now!