Dealing with Ectopic Pregnancy with the Best Maternity Hospital in Hyderabad

Ectopic pregnancy, a condition where the fertilized egg gets attached to areas outside the uterus leading to a potentially risky scenario, is a major disorder along with the many infertility disorders. The condition is popularly found in the form of tubal pregnancy where the fertilized egg attaches itself and grows in the fallopian tubes.
Ectopic pregnancy is a risky condition and warrants immediate attention and treatment. Hegde hospital renowned for the best infertility treatment in Hyderabad is also one of the leading maternity hospitals in Hyderabad offering advanced and effective treatment for conditions such as ectopic pregnancy.
With the services of the best gynecologist in Hyderabad, the hospital offers reliable and safe treatment and care options for the wellness of the mother and the little one.
An ectopic pregnancy occurs when the egg, fertilized by sperm gets attached to the fallopian tube linings and starts growing there. This can occur due to different reasons such as the restrictive movement of egg owing to an inflammation or infection in the tube, the presence of STDs, birth defects, due to the presence of surgical adhesions and so on.
Other plausible causes include endometrium inflammation, delayed pregnancy after an age of about 40, repeated use of fertility drugs or a history of repeated abortions.



Some of the manifestations of ectopic pregnancy include severe abdominal and pelvic pain, fatigue, vomiting or nausea, body pain in neck shoulder or back and vaginal discharge in light red color.

It can be diagnosed with the help of an abdominal examination followed by an ultrasound which helps in ascertaining the location of fetal growth. If an ectopic pregnancy is detected during the diagnosis, immediate treatment procedures are to be initiated at the earliest.
Ectopic pregnancy is treated based on the extent of fetal growth. It can be handled by an injection to stop fetal growth if the fallopian tube tissues are not ruptured. However, in case of damage to fallopian tubes, the surgical procedure of laparotomy is conducted.
Hegde Hospital, with the best infertility specialists in Hyderabad, is also well acclaimed for the most advanced and successful IVF treatment procedures in Hyderabad.
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Hegde Hospital – Offering The Best Healthcare services To Women

Our culture and tradition lay a foundation of utmost respect for womanhood. Women are considered as the light of the family. Hence their health plays a great role in the nurturing and well-being of the family and society as a whole.
Hegde Hospital, with a legacy spanning decades, offers the best healthcare services to women in South India. The hospital is widely acknowledged for its state of the art facilities and infrastructure, catering to various realms of women healthcare such as obstetrics, gynecology, Laparoscopic, Pediatrics and laparoscopic procedures.

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Some of the specializations offered at the hospital include the treatment for the following: –

Fertility problems hindering the reproductive health of a woman
Vaginal or uterine infections due to the action of virus, yeast, fungi or bacteria
Contraception or permanent birth control procedures such as tubal ligation
Uterine disorders such as Endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, fibroid growth, pelvic organ prolapse and so on
Uterine bleeding, irregularities associated with Menopause, vaginitis, urinary tract infections, pelvic pain, ovarian masses and the sort
To cure sexually transmitted diseases and menstrual irregularities such as heavy and painful periods
Surgical procedures such as myomectomy, hysterectomy, oophorectomy, endometriosis ablation, cystoscopy, laparotomy and so on


The hospital also has a well-equipped wing for obstetrics which is highly organized to handle all emergencies during delivery or birth of the child. They cover all treatments spanning from pregnancy and postpartum or postnatal care to complications that arise during pregnancy such as fetal distress, placental abruption, ectopic pregnancy, pre-eclampsia or uterine rupture.
The obstetrics wing also offers quality treatment to reign in gestational diabetes and other complications such as obstetrical hemorrhage or prolapsed cord. The hospital has skilled panel f doctors and other professionals offering all necessary assistance and cares for vaginal deliveries. Surgical procedures such as instrumental delivery, cervical switch, LSCS twins and cesarean deliveries are also conducted here.
Hegde Hospital, Hyderabad offers unparalleled services in women healthcare with the best infrastructure facilities and skilled set of doctors equipped to handle all complications in a woman’s health.
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